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Auf ins Land!

Friends of ANEWAL,

I am getting ready for my tour "Auf ins Land!"

For those who do not understand German-it means: Let´s go to the countryside!

And that is what I am planning: From August 18th till 31st I will hike and tour in the beautiful region of the Münsterland-northwest Germany.

Claudia Huesmann and Werner Krotz-Vogel, two musicians from Bonn are joining as well as some other musicians on the road. And I will take you on this hike as well! Everyday I will share some experiences and photos from this outstanding experience!

Today I bought some strings and checked my guitar at a guitar shop in Bonn city.

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Aug 01, 2021

Ha, checked bass and strings today too:) ready to go - looking forward to the upcoming 'münsterland' chapter of desert blues!

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