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"As expansive as the Sahara itself"
(Songlines 4/2017)

Anewal is the latest project of Etran Finatawa frontman and former member of the Tinariwen movement Alhousseini Anivolla. Conceived in 2014, the trio follows in the path first treaded in by Alhousseini with his 2012 solo debut "Anewal / The Walking Man." His second album "Osas-It´s time" (2017) is State-of-The-Art 21st century Desert Blues. Deeply rooted in North African traditional song – riding high on global trance. Biting plucked riffs with natural distortions, bass grooves and rhythms. Strong songwriting, performing and storytelling reflecting in subtle variety the situation in the Sahara and the Sahel before the turbulent events of recent history and after. Before – paradise lost. After – keep on! Soothing offers of sympathy, solidarity and consolation for those involved and the audience alike – “Osas – It’s time!” is both a levelheaded survey and tireless motivation alike plus quite an offer of spirituality to help us all beyond.

Listen to ANEWAL´s last concert in Bielefeld/Germany recorded by WDR3 German public radiostation

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